A) Beautifully presented book. Great cover design and the “section” pages with the beautiful borders and pictures really added something special – making the arrival to each new section feel like an event. No author bio – it is obvious from the Author’s notes that he is passionate about writing, about the time period and is a gifted and apparently thoughtful writer who considers his obligation to the reader to draw his characters well enough to make them interesting and some of them likeable and sympathetic. Thank you for that Mr. Hockenberry.
This was an exciting story. I love the nicknames like Fishbait, Acne Face held by some of the characters. They were rather funny in a peculiar sort of way and gave some grit to the tale. This was a well edited and well proofread book. It was nice to read a book not cluttered up with typos, misused words etc. You and your team should be well pleased. This book was very nicely affordable compared to other books in this genre.
B) This book is an installment in World War One Intrigue Series. So, is it a stand-alone story? The cover images are clear and reflect soldiers’ solitariness. There is a good plot explanation on the back cover and high praise reviews for the story. The interior has smooth pages and good type. The Chapters are not highlighted – as if an afterthought. The images inside are clear. Most the Appendices at the end of the book.

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