James Hockenberry does it again, spinning suspense, espionage, and a historical landscape into a thrilling and engaging story about three people who are separated by war but joined by a comradery that spans an ocean. Ratcheting up the tension “over there” and the home front during World War 1. A gripping story set in a time with Carrier Pigeons instead of cellphones, tear-smudged and blood-stained letters instead of emails, and military technology that barely leaves the trenches, James still connects his well-drawn characters and battle scenes effortlessly. In fact, one finds themselves saying, “Oh, if they only had a drone or a cellphone.” But that absence of modern gadgets elevates the suspense and drama. A true immersion into a time when men and women were exposed to life and its consequences without the crutch and shield of technology. At a time when intuition and intellect, not tech, reigned supreme. Hockenberry’s book, Send the Word, brings us through a thrilling chapter of one of humanity’s darkest endeavors with skill and attention to historical as well as splendid human detail. Send the Word: this is a great read!

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