The plot is fast moving with much intrigue involving those who are perpetrating the crimes and those who are trying to prevent them. The characters, convincingly drawn, represent a myriad of key players including representatives of the German government, prominent German Americans, American law enforcement personnel and German sympathizers. For those who are unfamiliar with that period of time, it is interesting to learn of the role of such well-known Americans as Henry Ford. Among the antagonists is an extremely interesting character who isn’t pro-German as much as he is anti-British.

The author includes fascinating facts about the time period and actual events such as the peace rally in Madison Square Garden on June 24, 1915, and the “cigar bombs” used to blow up munition ships. In addition, the author weaves into the story almost totally unknown but thought-provoking facts such as the use by the British of concentration camps for women and children during the Second Boer War. At the end of the book is an Author’s Notes section that explains which parts of the story are based on actual facts and which are not. Part of the fun here as you read the novel is speculating about which events and characters fall into which category.

“Over Here” is a fast and fun read which gives the reader an opportunity to learn historical facts long since forgotten while becoming engrossed in a tale of totally committed saboteurs and those desperately trying to stop them. Highly recommended.

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