Over Here is a great thriller set in the run up to America’s entry into World War One. It’s 1915 and the German Empire is determined to keep America out of the war in Europe through any means necessary; either through peace rallies or sabotage. For the latter plan, Danie Caarsens, a veteran of the Boer War with a grudge against the British, is enlisted to carry out the coordinated decimation of American industry. Opposing him is Gil Martin, an honest cop of French descent from the NYPD’s bomb squad. Needless to say, after the German invasion of France, Martin is less than sympathetic to the German cause. Caarsens opens up his destructive bombardment, culminating with actual real life incidents that occurred in 1916.

Hockenberry recreates 1915 NYC in all its murky, hard-broiled detail with beautifully illustrated maps and landmarks throughout the novel, giving the reader where exactly they are. There are many real-life historical figures interwoven in this narrative but they take second place to our fictional characters.

‘Over Here’ is a must-read for anyone who loves conspiracy and intrigue in a historical setting, especially if you’re interested in a period of American history that has largely been ignored.

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