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I and all of us at my book company, HN Books, hope that the new year has started well.


> The most important development is that my books are now on sale at the Lahaska Bookshop in Peddler’s Village, Bucks County, PA. I am proud to be included in their new local author series and will be one of their “featured authors” next month. (Details on the bookstore are found below.)


> Through Randy Gaulke, a WWI battlefield historian, I have arranged a private tour in September of the Meuse-Argonne battlefield as part of my research for my third book.


> I have been busy marketing So Beware and have entered it into 5 major book contests. I have also entered its first sentence into this year’s Thrillerfest “First Sentence” contest.




As part of my effort to stimulate e-book sales, there is a special e-book promotion for Over Here, only $0.99 starting Monday February 5.


FANS NEEDED:  Social Media & Marketing:


Please tell your friends to link with me on Facebook (James Hockenberry) or Twitter @HNBooksLLC so I can convey news and information about other fiction authors. Sharing helps every author.


Also, there are simple ways to assist me in marketing my WWI thrillers. Please take a couple moments and spread the word about my books. One thing that would help would be for you to write a review on Amazon. A couple of words (“Liked the book,”) and a star rating (1-5, your call) is fine. It is not necessary to have bought the book from Amazon. Amazon ratings impact how Amazon places a book in its marketing hierarchy.


If you can think of a group that would enjoy hearing one of my WWI lectures, or a book store that sponsors appearances, or a reading group who might feature my book (I’d be glad to speak to the readers too), please let me know.


Thanks in advance.


FOUR THINGS YOU DID NOT KNOW About the Paris Peace Conference (1919), third round


As a compendium to So Beware, I have compiled a list of 31 facts you did not know about the Paris Peace Conference which started in January 1919 and ended with the signing of the Treaty on June 28, 1919. My last blogs have contained the first fifteen items. Here are the next four.


  1. On February 19, 1919, Emile Cottin, an anarchist, tried but failed to assassinate Prime Minister Clemenceau.
  2. The man later known as Ho Chi Minh was at the conference representing French Indochina. A great admirer of George Washington, he wrote his “Eight Claims for the Annamite People,” based on the U.S. constitution.
  3. Louise Brooks, a Philadelphia aristocrat and widow, hosted numerous parties for the American delegation at her home on 71 rue de Lille. After the conference, she wedded the youngest general in the U.S. Army, Douglas MacArthur. The marriage did not last.
  4. There is strong evidence that President Wilson suffered a stroke during the conference.




***  New This Month  **

The Lahaska Bookshop

162A Peddler’s Village

Lahaska, PA  18931

(267) 544-5131


Classics Book Store

4 West Lafayette Street

Trenton, NJ   08608

(609) 394-8400


Newtown Bookshop

2835 South Eagle Road

Newtown, PA  18940

(215) 968-2400




>PIC, Princeton Monday March 5, 2018.

World War One: An Industrial War and Its Effect on New Jersey”


>”Old Guard” of Princeton: Wednesday March 21, 2018.

“New Jersey’s Role in World War I: Sabotage Target and Key State in the War Effort”


> The Present Day Club, Princeton, November 28, 2018. “World War One: An Industrial War and Its Effect on New Jersey”



The Freedom Broker, by K. J. Howe. Kim is the executive director of Thrillerfest and a good friend of mine. This is Kim’s first book and a winner. Her main character, Thea Paris, an elite kidnap-and-ransom (K&R) specialist, is a unique and compelling new protagonist. Kim has done extensive research into the K&R profession and it shows. The book, the first of a series, is a wonderful new addition to the action / thriller genre.


The Fourth Monkey, by J. D. Barker. I met J.D. at last year’s Thrillerfest, and mark my words – you will hear a lot about him. I predict he will become a major name in the field. He was one of the best panelists last year, and is doing everything right. Many mysteries include forgettable serial killers, but you won’t forget J.D.’s Forth Monkey Killer. A great read with many more to come.

Please send any thoughts, comments or suggestions to info@jameshockenberry.com . Many thanks.