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Jim Hockenberry

2019 Season’s Greetings Message

The Past – The Future:

In my holiday letter last year, I asked you to consider the significance of time and to better appreciate it. This year, I want to expand that thought by pondering the balance between the past and the future.

Life is lived forward and understood backwards. Youth gives us hope and energy; age gives us experience and wisdom. That experience provides the memories that sustain us in later life. That wisdom allows us to value our lives with a deeper perspective. Live today; reflect tomorrow.

Older people are often asked, “Knowing what you know now, what would you have done differently?” Wrong question. For me, I don’t regret anything that I did as I did what was best at the time with the information available. I’ve made mistakes and could have done some things better, but I tried my best. I have long forgotten the long extra hours at work that prevented me from doing some memorable things: the trip I didn’t take; the ballgame I missed; the girl I didn’t ask out.

Though I strongly believe in deferred gratification, there is a balance between living for today and delaying til tomorrow. But, I ask you to understand what you are sacrificing when you postpone things. On your death bed, you won’t wish that you had worked more.

The best moments in your life will not take place looking through a window. Move out of your comfort zone. Take risks. Try. Fail. Learn. Grow. Gather experiences and harvest their lessons. Success comes from effort. The tougher the obstacle, the more rewarding the victory over it becomes.

Go out and do something memorable. Don’t put it off. Once lost, opportunities rarely come again. We don’t get back time. The experiences you gain today will fill your memory bank. It might be the richest account you will ever have.

One last note. I am pleased to say my next book, Send the Word, set in 1918 New York and the Western Front, should be available later this spring. It completes my World War I Intrigue Series which dramatizes America’s involvement in the Great War.

Have a wonderful holiday season and a healthy and happy New Year.


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