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This month’s blog contains
a bit of history, something about the books, a writing tip, and odds and ends.
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A little bit of World War I history:
The Espionage Act of 1917,
passed into law after American declared war on
Germany on April 6, 1917, provides the legal basis prosecutors use to bring
various indictments against domestic terrorists today.
What you did not know about the books:
In Over Here, Caarsens tries to unionize African-Americans working in
an Iron and Steel Works plant in
Maryland. The plant manufactures high-explosive shells sold
to the Allies. In my research, I discovered a 1915 advertisement from a
U.S. explosives company that brags about the ingenious
quality of its shells. During production, the company adds acid to their
formulation which is transferred onto the shrapnel and shell fragments upon
explosion. The acid magnifies the killing power of the bomb. A soldier wounded
with these fragments must get to a field hospital within two hours or he will
die. In the meantime, his agony has a profound and paralyzing psychological
impact on his comrades. Man’s inhumanity to man knew no limits during WWI.
3)     Writing
tip: here are 2 excellent tricks I learned for editing your material:
(when paragraph
indentations are created manually using the Tab key) should be avoided as they
can create havoc with formatting when moving from Word to something else. To
clean them up:
Use the find
and replace key
Type ^t and
Replace.  (NB – I don’t like “replace all” as you might
inadvertently change something you want to keep. It takes longer, but go item
by item.)
(particularly after a
period) are no longer standard. To delete them, use the find and replace key
once again.
Enter 2 spaces
in the “find” field and replace as needed.
4)     Odds and
What am I
To the Last Man, by Jeff Shaara. Jeff has
written a number of historically based novels based on the
U.S. military experience. His father’s book on Gettysburg, Killer
, is considered a classic. To
the Last Man
is Jeff’s book on World War I and provides a useful comparison
for my planned 3rd WWI Intrigue
The Assassin, by Clive Cussler and Justin Scott.
This is another book in their Isaac Bell adventure series.
Bell is a detective at the turn of the 20th
Century, and the books are entertaining. When the series was first released, I
feared that Cussler would use the same material I dramatized in Over Here, but he never did.
Thrillerfest friend, Allison Leotta, is writing a series of legal dramas based
on her real-life experience as a federal sex crimes prosecutor. Her book, Speak of the Devil, is a marvelous read.
Upcoming Author
Events (next four weeks). I have several book signing appearances – at
Village Workshop in Peddler’s Village, PA (shop #68, usually from
noon to 3pm): April 29, May 7, and May 13
On Friday
April 29, I will have a table at the Tom’s River Branch of the Ocean County
Library system during their special World War I exhibit. Times to be announced.
I am working
on the final edits / proof readings on So
, and am in discussions with layout experts and printers. Hopefully,
the book will be out soon.
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