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Author James Hockenberry’s 2018 Wrap Up



As 2018 winds down so quickly, I and all of us at our publishing company, HN Books want to pause and give thanks to you, our loyal readers and supporters. We are blessed to have you. I love to write my books, but I get real enjoyment in hearing that you enjoy them too. Next year will prove to be another exciting one for HN Books.


We have two books in the pipeline, Send the Word, the 3rd of my WWI Intrigue Trilogy and Just Be, There is Only One Love, an inspirational, by Colleen Nugent.


On that note, myself, Colleen and all of us at HN Books, want to wish you and your families a wonderful holiday season and a very Happy New Year.





2018 has been a successful year for our World War One Intrigue Trilogy:

  • So Beware, my 2nd book, won two awards: (a) it was a finalist in the prestigious Book Excellence Awards competition; and (b) received a President’s Silver Award from the Florida Authors and Publishers Association (FAPA).
  • I had two record setting book selling events. First in the Collingswood town fair in October, and then I topped it in December following a lecture to the Princeton Present Day Club.
  • My lectures on World War One continue to be popular, well-attended, and well-received. I enjoy doing them (see below for details on my lecture series) and presented to: The Present Day Club, Princeton’s Old Guard Society, the State Library in Trenton, and several local libraries.
  • Earlier in the year, I was featured in Lewis Harrison’sNPR affiliated radio show, “That was Zen; this is Tao.” He’s a great host and a big supporter of local authors, including me.
  • My article “New York Attacked, 100 Years Ago” appeared in the International Thriller Writers (ITW) monthly magazine, The Big Thrill. Links to this article are included in my website.
  • In September, I visited the World War I Meuse-Argonne battlefield, where the U.S. fought the last 47 days of the war. It was the largest and bloodiest battle the U.S. Army has ever fought and will form the basis for the climax of my third book, Send the Word. I hired a professional guide, Markus a former German NATO tank commander to walk me through. I gained invaluable information and tactical knowledge that will serve my book well. There is no substitute for physically seeing something, and the highlight of the visit was a hike through the Argonne forest. One cannot image the conditions the soldiers endured there. Pictures do not convey the hugely difficult terrain in the Argonne.
  • Speaking of Send the Word, I have fallen behind in my writing. I have competed about 75% of a first draft and hope to start writing the climax soon into the new year. Some of my chapters are the best I’ve ever written.
  • In July, I visited the Jersey Meadowlands to see the site of the second largest German sabotage attack in America during WWI in Kingsland, NJ (Lyndhurst) where an old factory chimney remains from the plant. It will be the location of a key scene in Send the Word.




I often find myself saying that time is my biggest enemy. Time moves forward relentlessly as I persevere to keep up. But fail. And everyone agree times moves faster as we age. I recommend a new perspective.

Maybe, we have not properly valued time itself and need to reassess our connection with it. Learn to appreciate time more. It may be that time is most precious thing given to us. Time is what we consume when we experience, create, think, talk, and do. Make the most of every single minute. Who knows what it will bring? Don’t regret the past or use current time to fret the future. Yesterday provides memories. Tomorrow belongs to eternity.

For all living creatures, time is finite. It is also fleeting. Once gone, you cannot recover it. It is impossible to “bank” time for future use. Think of those wasted minutes you’ll never get back.

If you feel you have too little time, maybe you are not using it well. A bargain today can be a draining cost tomorrow. (“A stitch in time …”). Don’t spend your time on useless activities or selfish people who want you to spend your scarce time on their priorities.

To feel fulfilled, make time work for you. Start each day with purpose, energy, determination, and a positive outlook. Every morning when I wake up, I ask myself, “What do I need to do to make today successful?” You will be amazed how much you can accomplish in this way, and at the end of the day, you will be gratified and prepared to start the next day refreshed and purposeful.



2019 GOALS


I hope to continue my blog and to make my book signing and lecture appearances. Let me know if you have a book club or group you belong to who would enjoy a lecture. I have different speaking points for additional topics. I continue to attend WWI functions and to further my research and understanding of the times.




I am working hard to schedule lecture and book signing appearances for next year. These below are confirmed:

  • Saturday March 9, 2019 at 1:00 pm in the South Plainfield Public Library, 2484 Plainfield Ave, South Plainfield, NJ 07080, phone: 908-754-7885
  • Monday April 15, 2018 (time to be confirmed) at the Matawan History Society, Matawan Community Center, 2001 Broad Street, Matawan, NJ
  • July 10 -13, 2019, Thrillerfest 2019




Since I have started my World War One Intrigue Trilogy, I have presented a number of lectures to various groups in the Mercer County, Philadelphia, and Bucks County areas. I love doing these and offer them gratis, just a chance to sell my books.




Here is a list of my lecture topics:


– “World War One: An Industrial War – Its Consequences and Implications”

– “German-Americans and World War One”

– “New Jersey’s Role in World War One: Sabotage Target and Key State in the War Effort”

– “An Author’s Journey – The Route to Self-Publishing, Rewards and Caveats”

– “The Paris Peace Talks and the Makings of the Cold War”


If you know of an organization that would be interested in hearing these lectures, please let me know.


I tell other authors, “We don’t sell books. We sell ourselves first.” Prove you know your topic (I have handouts of interesting facts), engage them, and show your enthusiasm. It’s contagious and often results in a sale or maybe a recommendation.





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Ruler of the Night, by David Morrell. A Master thriller writer and friend to rising authors, David’s book is the 3rd in his 1850s mystery series. A wonderful historical mystery, I can’t recommend this book more highly. Great read. Great technique.


47 Days – How Pershing’s Boys Came of Age, by Mitchell Yockelsin. The story of the American Army’s last 47 days in WWI. Important source material for Send the Word.


To Conquer Hell, by Edward Lengel. History of the Meuse-Argonne battle. Great source material and well written battle book.


The Paris Spy, by Susan Elia MacNeil. Part of MacNeil’s Maggie Hope WWII series. Clever, fun, and worth a read.


Munich, by Robert Harris. Bestselling author Harris’s fictional account of the Munich conference between Hitler and Chamberlain. Highly recommended.


The Nightingale, by Kristin Harris. Bestselling book about French women involved in WWII. One of the best books I’ve read this year.


Forty Autums, by Nina Willner. Actual story of the author’s family. Her mother escaped East Germany just as the Russians took control of East Germany leaving her siblings behind. Heart wrenching story of family separation and life behind the Iron Curtain.