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What was the name of the merchant ship where the first German bomb was found?
What was the bomb called?
There was a bronze plaque in the entranceway to police headquarters. What was it for?
Who was head of Germany’s military intelligence during WWI?
What was the name of the Secretary of the Treasury during WWI?
Where was the economic conference that was held in the summer of 1915 to discuss loans to the Allies?
The contracts Morgan Bank billed for the Allied purchasing effort amounted to how much per day? (in the currency of the times)
What law did the U.S. Congress pass in 1917 to prohibit anyone from interfering with the operations or success of the armed forces of the United Sates and making it a crime to promote the success of its enemies? Note, this law is still used today.
What was the address in New York City, owned by Germans and an alleged brothel, where Germans frequently met?
Black Tom Island - On what date did the Germans blow it up?
What insulting and comical gift did Henry Ford receive before boarding his liner to start his peace mission?
How did the British nurse Edith Cavell die? Why?
On what street corners in New York City is the Treasury Building?
What did the Germans use to kill pack animals shipped to the Allies?
What was the name of the telephone system the New York Police used to communicate with central headquarters?
Who was President Wilson’s principle non-cabinet member advisor during the war?
What dreaded disease struck the children in the New York area during the war?
Where was the Speaker’s Corner in NYC at the time?
What was the % of Germans and German-Americans to the total U.S. population in 1914?
What was the population of America in 1914?