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2020 Promises to be a Great Year

As the year leaps into Spring, I want to let you know the exciting things happening in the world of HN Books. 2020 promises to be our most important year since the company was established and we launched Over Here, our first book.

Last year, we engaged a top book cover designer who has reworked all our covers.  You can find them in our recently upgraded and re-envisioned website, www.jameshockenberry.com . Take a look and hopefully you will be as excited about it as I am.

The third book in our World War I Intrigue Series in deep into the editing process. Our goal is to release it this summer. When I first began writing Over Here, I honestly did not plan to write a series, but the writing bug hit me and combined with the spellbinding history to motivate me. My second book jumped to 1919 as that is where my research h led me. Now I have jumped back to 1918 to finish the story of Martin and the Kellers. Not the recommended approach for a trilogy but I believe the story flows across the series. Each book is stand-alone as our three main characters face different enemies, risks, and personal challenges. Gil, Paul, and Shannon grow with each book.

Here is Send the Word’s cover:

Synopsis: It is 1918. The Allies and Germany square off for the final Armageddon.

Gil Martin and Paul & Shannon Keller struggle to secure victory. But at what cost?    On the Western Front, Martin & Keller do not know who is more treacherous: the German army or supposed friends. During the American advance, a cunning assassin emerges to threaten General Pershing. For Martin, pledged to keep his warrior friend Keller alive; the story becomes a personal struggle of sacrifice, loss of faith, and despair. In New York, Shannon wonders if she is a wife or widow. Through it all, each will face betrayal, bewildering obstacles, and certain death.

As part of our release for Send the Word, HN Books intends to package the complete trilogy as an entire set. We will engage two top-flight marketing companies to lead the effort. Together, the three books dramatize many of the key aspects of America’s involvement in the Great War and combines fascinating history into great reads:

  • Over Here (1915-1916) focuses on the domestic front as German agents sabotage America’s plants, ships, and cities.
  • Send the Word (1918, publication pending) is the most military book of the three and brings our heroes into the killing grounds of the Western Front.
  • So Beware (1919) moves to the Paris Peace Conference and the German Revolution of the same period.

Stay tuned as we will be releasing more information about our marketing efforts with the trilogy.

One of the most important aspects concerning a book’s success is a review on Amazon. They affect rankings, marketing success, and how Amazon treats my books internally. For those of you who have submitted an Amazon review, grateful thanks. It is easy to do – sign onto your account on Amazon, go to my book and add a review. A few lines is all that is necessary. Some of you might not be sure what to say. A review can be short; 2-3 sentences are all that is needed. Here are some questions to ask yourself to help you write the review

  • What did you like (not like about the book)?
  • Compare the book to others. For example: “This book reminds me of Allan Furst’s pre-World War II intrigue books.”
  • Does one scene stand-out?
  • Is a certain character / scene particularly memorable?

However, if you with you leave me a review of one of my books and do not know where to post it, just forward it to info@jameshockenberry.com and we will post it for you.

Books clubs are a great way for me to showcase my books and to share my knowledge about WWI and the author world. I have talked to a number of clubs to excellent feedback.


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E-book- both Over Here and So Beware are now $2.99 on Amazon

Amazon KINDLE listing: https://amzn.to/2SG7DeQ

E-book -both Over Here and So Beware are now on iTunes

OVER HERE on iTunes: https://apple.co/2yWYfvZ
SO BEWARE on iTunes: https://apple.co/2JKHYOG

Over Here paperback is $13.99, So Beware paperback is $14.99

SPECIAL: Any 2 books for @$25.00            http://www.jameshockenberry.com


Since I have started my World War One Intrigue Trilogy, I have presented a number of lectures to various groups in the Mercer County, Philadelphia, and Bucks County areas. I love doing these and offer them gratis, just a chance to sell my books.

Here is a list of my lecture topics:

– “World War One: An Industrial War – Its Consequences and Implications”

– “German-Americans and World War One”

– “New Jersey’s Role in World War One: Sabotage Target and Key State in the War Effort”

– “An Author’s Journey – The Route to Self-Publishing, Rewards and Caveats”

– “The Paris Peace Talks and the Makings of the Cold War”

If you know of an organization that would be interested in hearing these lectures, please let me know.

I tell other authors, “We don’t sell books. We sell ourselves first.” Prove you know your topic (I have handouts of interesting facts), engage them, and show your enthusiasm. It’s contagious and often results in a sale or maybe a recommendation.

Please send any thoughts, comments or suggestions to info@jameshockenberry.com