James Hockenberry


Introducing the second of HN Books author, James Hockenberry’s 
WWI Intrigue Trilogy
So Beware

It is 1919.

The Great War which became known as World War One is over but

…In Paris, the Allies covet the spoils of victory and haggle over the peace terms.

…In Germany, the country implodes while remnants of the army refuse to accept defeat and plot revenge

…Worldwide, Lenin’s Communist movement advances and threatens the democratic Allies.  Europe is a spark away from a new catastrophe.

Gil Martin and Paul & Shannon Keller, the “heroes from Over Here”, once again find themselves caught in a cauldron of deceit and danger. Action jumps between Paris and Berlin as Martin and the Keller’s fight diabolical enemies, mysterious associates, and time.

The tension climaxes when an air assault threatens the signing of the Versailles peace treaty. Failure to stop the attack could lead to a new cataclysm.

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Upcoming Book Signings and Events

PIC, Princeton Monday March 5, 2018.
“World War One: An Industrial War and Its Effect on New Jersey”

”Old Guard” of Princeton: Wednesday March 21, 2018.
“New Jersey’s Role in World War I: Sabotage Target and Key State in the War Effort”

The Present Day Club, Princeton, November 28, 2018.
“World War One: An Industrial War and Its Effect on New Jersey”